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The main components that editing work seeks to verify are the following:

1. tone, readability, smoothness

2. discipline- or theme-specific vocabulary and phrases

3. narrative construction

Editing can be done at several different points in the creative process and may be carried out more than once. The number of tasks involved in editing is also subjective. Because of these two factors, editing is a highly collaborative effort between the heritage actor and the translator.



The main components that proofreading work seeks to verify are the following:

1. language, grammar, punctuation and syntax

2. overall consistency 

3. formatting and referencing

Proofreading is more of a surface-level task in comparison to editing. This step usually comes towards the very end of the creative process after the text's content, structure and narrative have been checked. Although superficial, proofreading is no less important: consistency and correctness are staples of any professional credible text.

All the above services are available in both English and French. To find out more about the variety of texts and institutions included in my editing & proofreading services, click here. 

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